Parallel Beam X-ray Optics

Parallel beam X-ray optics are optical components with a graded multilayer deposited on a substrate having a parabolic shape in beam direction. These optical devices convert (in one dimension) a divergent incoming beam into a parallel one, or vice-versa an incoming parallel beam into a focusing one.

In order to obtain high efficiency, the d-spacing of the multilayer has to be varied from the front end to the rear end of the optics in correspondence to the aspheric curvature. Either the X-ray source or the detector (or detector slit) may be placed at the optics focal distance, for primary or secondary side applications, respectively.

High precision 60 mm parallel beam optics on prefigured substrate (right) and on flat substrate, which are glued and bended after deposition (left)

Spectral lines

Cr, Co, Cu, Ga, Mo, Ag
(others on request)

Mean Reflectivity

R > 70%


1+Kα2 or Kβ


Δφ < 0.03°
(40 μm source width)

Mirror length

L = 40...100 mm
(on customers' request)

X-ray source geometry

line focus

Parallel beam width b

dependent on mirror length, geometry and X-ray wavelength

Typical b values

1.5 mm (Cu-K, L = 60 mm)
1.0 mm (Mo-K, L = 100 mm)


typical focal length
(source - mirror center)
L = 60 mm, xm = 100 mm

Generation of a monochromatic parallel beam in one dimension