Monochromators for XRF and Synchrotron Applications

Monochromatization of X-rays by means of a nanometer multilayer stack

Monochromators are optical devices with a 1-dimensional multilayer deposited on a substrate. To obtain high efficiency, the d-spacing of the multilayer is constant from the front end to the rear end of the monochromator. A plane figure is required for the monochromator.
Depending on the application either high resolution or high flux multi-layer monochromators can be fabricated.

Energy resolution and divergence of hard x-ray multilayer monochromators
(Ch. Morawe et al.- ESRF Grenoble, France)

Reflectivity of a Ni/C multilayer (d = 4.0 nm) in the spectral range between 8 keV ... 70 keV (Measurement: G. Falkenberg, Hasylab at DESY)

Spectral range

<50 eV - 100 keV

Material systems

optimized on wavelength
or on customer's request

Typical sizes

500 mm length
or 8 inches diameter


0.25% < ΔE/E < 2%
(periodic multilayers)
ΔE/E > 5% on request
(aperiodic multilayers)


Δd/d < 0.02%


monochromators for
laboratory X-ray sources
and for synchrotrons,
optimized for high
reflectivity or tailored
polarizers in the soft X-ray
range (O-K, Fe-L, Ni-L)

Download: Synchrotron optics prospectus (pdf)
Download: Tender X-ray optics prospectus (pdf)