Focusing X-ray Optics

Parallel beam and focusing X-ray optics with various geometries

Focusing X-ray optics are artificial optical components with a 1-dimensional lattice deposited on a substrate.
These optical devices convert a divergent incoming beam into a focusing one. To obtain high efficiency, the d-spacing of the lattice has to be changed from the front end to the rear end of the optics.
The device needs to have an elliptical figure of curvature to produce a focusing beam. The focus of the X-ray source is located in one of the two focal points of the ellipse.

Generation of a monochromatic focusing beam in one dimension

Spectral lines

Cr, Co, Cu, Ga, Mo, Ag
(others on request)

Mean Reflectivity

R > 70%

Mirror length

typical values
L = 40 mm ... 80 mm
(on customers' request)

X-ray source geometry

line focus

Focal line width b

dependent on spectral
line, geometry and
mirror length



Beam path and main parameters of focusing X-ray optics