ASTIX-c: 2-dimensional Parallel Beam X-ray Optics

ASTIX-c: collimating geometry

Parallel beam profile for
Mo Kα radiation
I > 107 cps (low power µ-source)
b² ≈ 1 mm²

Collimating 2-dimensional X-ray optics in a modified Montel geometry (1) for the generation of 2-dimensional high intensity parallel X-ray beams

  • Typical length 60 mm - 150 mm

  • Application with all typical types of X-ray
    sources (rotating and fixed anodes, liquid
    metal jet and micro focus X-ray tubes)

  • Typical parallel beam width:
    1 mm² ≤ b² ≤ 5 mm²

  • Wavelengths: Cr, Co, Cu, Ga, Mo, Ag...

  • High precision vacuum mirror housing

High precision vacuum mirror housings for ASTIX optics

(1) M. Montel - "The X-Ray Microscope with Catamegonic Roof-Shaped Objective" in: X-ray Microscopy and Microradiography, Vol.5, 1957,pp 177 - 185