Twin Mirror Arrangement

Twin Mirror Arrangement consisting of primary mirror with housing (left) and secondary mirror with housing, beam tube and detector slit holder (right)

Upgrades available for Cr Kα, Co Kα, Cu Kα, Mo Kα, Ag Kα radiation
Geometries on customers request

Setup of Twin Mirror Arrangement (TMA)

A new quality in in-house X-ray reflectometry

X-ray reflectometry: Independence of peak intensities and angular positions at three different stage heights.

Special features

Easy and fast sample alignment
Sample alignment within 10 seconds
Dynamic range of more than 7 orders of magnitude (cross intensity I > 3 · 109 cps)
No influence of sample displacement errors up to 200 µm on peak position and intensity
Low divergence (Cu Kα : Δφ < 0.03°)
Detectable thin film thicknesses between 2 nm and 270 nm

A new quality in X-ray diffractometry - secondary parallel beam optics

Increased S/N-ratio due to sample fluorescence suppression
Transmission higher than 60%
Fits best to primary parallel beam optics
Parallel beam geometry:
- simplified sample preparation
- increased accuracy

Better resolution than soller slits because of a more than two times lower angular acceptance
(Cu Kα: Δφ < 0.03°)

Powder diffraction measurements in the angular range
of the quartz triplet in parallel beam geometry (TMA) (a)
and BRAGG-BRENTANO geometry (b)

Superior Kb suppression (I Cu Kα1 : I Cu Kβ1 > 1.000.000 : 1 (θ 2θ scan at Si (400) wafer))