Beam Compressor

1-dimensional compressed parallel beam

Special features

Combination of a focusing and a convex bent collimating multilayer optics
Adjustable beam width b at sample position
Emission of a compressed parallel sub-millimeter beam
Generation of a monochromatic (Kα1+2)
parallel spot with a width
0.25 mm < b' < 1.0 mm

Beam path and main parameters of a beam compressor

Cu Kα-reflectance of a Ni/C graded multilayer at d = 3.66 nm (gradient Δd/Δx = 2 x 10-8), measured in Y-direction perpendicular to gradient of period thickness

Special features

sub-millimeter X-ray-reflectometry

Ni/C gradient multilayer:
direction of period thickness gradient (X)
perpendicular to beam direction (Y)
spot size of the compressed Cu Kα1,2
2 -X-ray beam (Z x X) 0.3 mm x 0.6 mm

Reflectometry result:
No remarkable peak broadening at high peak intensities