Collimating Monochromator

Collimating Monochromator: generation of a 1- or 2-dimensional parallel beam

Special features

Two parallel beam optics, aligned on the same focal point
Acceptance of parallel X-radiation emitted by a point focus X-ray source
(e.g. 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm rotating Mo anode)
Generation of monochromatic (Kα1,2) parallel spot
Beam divergence in dispersion direction
Δϕ < 0.03°
Divergence perpendicular to the dispersion direction Δϕ < 0.1°, tunable by means of slits

Beam path and main parameters of a collimating monochromator

Application: Powder Diffractometry
Sample: Si-powder (capillary)
Si (220) reflex, separation of Kα2 (left) and Kα2 (right)

Resolution (Divergence) in dispersion direction of the multilayer optics (A) and by slits (B)