Teaching Tool

Teaching tool for X-ray reflectometry: pure silicon substrate, Ni single layer, 10 period Ni/C-multilayer

The teaching tool for X-ray reflectometry consists of three typical samples:
a silicon substrate, a thin Ni single layer and a 10-period Ni/C-multilayer. The specular reflected intensity is measured as a function of grazing incident angle. Each measurement shows a characteristic pattern. Basic principles of total external reflexion and the interference of reflected and diffracted X-rays in a layer stack can be discussed. Layer thicknesses and interface roughnesses are determined by selected simulation programs.
Further, the set contains an introduction into X-ray reflectometry on CD-ROM.
The thin films are deposited by means of Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) on round flat Si-substrates (1 inch diameter).

Concept of sample selection:
1. one interface bulk material / air
2. single layer with two interfaces
3. multilayer system with many interfaces

Application Training and further education of students, scientists, skilled workers, ...
Determination of morphological parameters: layer thickness, material density, surface and interface roughness