Carbon/Carbon Multilayer - a new approach in the development of nanometer-multilayer X-ray optics
(presented at Nanofair 2003)

X-Ray analytical application of multilayer X-ray optics
(presented at UICr 2008)

Application and characteristics of Ag Kα multilayer X-ray optics
(presented at RQ13 2003)

Reference samples for -XRF and TXRF analysis
(presented at AXAA 2011)

High Resolution and High Flux Multilayer Monochromators for Synchrotron Application
(presented at SRI 2006)

Influence of X-ray optical systems and sample characteristics on the angular resolution of X-ray reflectometry measurements with Cu Kα radiation
(presented at XTOP 2004)

Multilayer X-ray optics with high precision deposition
(presented at COST Salamanca 2009)